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If you are an escort or bodyworker, just starting or already established, we can help raise you to the next level of income with captivating websites, banner ads, animations, photo galleries---Our examples below also showcase our OUTSTANDING and AFFORDABLE photography services!

Alexander's Website VISIT
(photos by marc ison design)

Ricardo's Website VISIT
(photos by marc ison design)

2ofus Website VISIT
(photos by marc ison design)

We even produce outstanding full color business cards (and any other printed materials, like postcards or magazine ads) which encourage repeat business for our current clients.

Alexander's Full Color Business Card
(photo by marc ison design)

(photos by marc ison design)

Ricardo HX Magazine Ad
(photos by marc ison design)

Alexander NEXT Magazine Ad
(photos by marc ison design)

(photos by marc ison design)
FLASH ANIMATION - Click here to view

If you don't have a web site, we can get you set up with your own domain name, and provide web hosting for your site!

Leave the work and worry to us; We'll make sure you look your best!

For more design examples:
Visit our corporate website
(non-sexual examples of our work, in both web and print)


Level I Website:
Starts at $99 (from a template, 1 page with up to 10 photos)

Level II Website:
Starts at $325 (from a template or basic-custom, up to 5 linked pages, with up to 15 photos in a click thru gallery)

Level III Website:
Starts at $699 (Custom, with gif or flash anims, rollovers, multiple pages)

Website Hosting:
$15/month (on your own domain, with sponsorship advertising)

Website Hosting:
$25/month (on your own domain...domain registration /transfer & setup necessary)

Website Domain Registration or Transfer:
Domain Registration:
$35/year, $50 one time set-up fee (If you do not have a domain)

Domain Transfer to our servers:
$50 one time set-up fee

To install your website on your domain for the first time:
$75 one time set-up fee

(Website design pricing is based on customer provided text and photos via email/disk.)

Photography Services/Print Ad Design:
Call for pricing (Starts at only $75 when purchased with other services!!)

2ofus HX Magazine Ad
(photos by marc ison design)

FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CALL 888-456-6309 x81,
or contact Barry directly at 917-519-3090

Marc Ison Design Plus, Inc.

email: blippold@marcison.com

website: www.marcison.com
(Corporate design portfolios and more)